What To Do In Sonoma – Discover The Best Of Wine Country

Great wines, good food, gorgeous scenery… what more could you want on a vacation? The Wine Country north of San Francisco is the second biggest "attraction" in California, and some call it an "adult Disneyland" (the top state attraction). We admit, there can be a bit of Disney-like hoopla and hype.

But if you want to be more down-to-earth, less glitzy, and have just as much fun, you might try Sonoma Wine Country, just next door to the more famous Napa Valley. The pace is more relaxed, there are far more wineries and vineyards to visit, the scenery is lovely, and things generally cost less that in Napa. Why don't you use some of the money you'll save on accommodations at the Sonoma wineries we like? Let's find out what to do in Sonoma.


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9 of the Best Sonoma Valley Wineries

Top Sonoma Wineries

The are a lot of wine growers (over 1,000) and winemakers in Sonoma, so deciding on which wineries to put on your bucket list can be a challenge, especially if you don't know where to start. Always ready for a challenge where wine is involved, we narrowed the field down to the best nine best Sonoma Valley wineries.

What to do in Sonoma? Easy — with our list in hand hit the wine trail!

Sonoma Winery Maps

Sonoma Winery Maps

If you're going to plan winery visits, you're going to need a map. Particularly since the wine growing area is four times that of Napa, there are seventeen distinct wine regions, and hundred of winemakers.

In this quick guide we'll walk you through the regions, share some on-line maps, and tell you about the one printed map that we would carry. It's very, very good.

Touring Sonoma

Touring Sonoma

You know that Sonoma produces some of the country's best wines, but there's a lot more to do here than just sip. We'll tell you not only about winery tours, but about the arts & culture, balloons, dining, biking, the top hot-spring resorts, and the the best places for romance in our Touring Sonoma Guide.


The Top Small Sonoma Wineries

Top Small Sonoma Wineries

The Sonoma Wine Country is huge and varied. Seventeen sub-regions, numerous grape varieties, and hundreds of wineries, some large, some small. Let's go on a visual tour of nine of the best small, family-owned wineries, narrowing our focus to the southern portion of the county, around Kenwood, Sonoma, and Glen Ellen.

The Best Sonoma Restaurants

The Best Sonoma Restaurants

Here's a quiz. What goes perfectly with Sonoma wines? It's not a very tough question, and we already knew you'd know the answer. Wherever there good wines, good food is sure to follow, and that certainly is the case in Sonoma, where restaurants are proud to serve local products prepared in delicious ways.

What to do in Sonoma? Eat some delicious food while drinking great local wines.

The Best Sonoma Restaurants – The Eat Goes On

The Eat Goes On

It turns out we were overly optimistic. There was no way we could fit all the Sonoma restaurants we wanted to review in one article. Since we didn't want to leave these eateries out, we created a new page for them. Who'd want to miss Palooza Gastropub? Or Yeti Restaurant?

What to do in Sonoma? Eat more delicious food!

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