More Ideas For Things To Do In San Francisco

There's a lot to do, see, and experience in San Francisco. Of course, there's the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and cable cars, but we'd also like to share with you a few other things we love about SF that many first-time travelers might not think of.

San Francisco is a unique mix of culture, history, and California wilderness. So, let's talk about walking tours (some of them are free!), about the best golf courses in the area, and, if you're into camping, the best campsites the Bay Area has on offer.


The Top SF Golf Courses

The Top SF Golf Courses

You might not often think about it, but San Francisco has some of the most stunning urban golf courses in country. And the great thing about most of the best courses in the area is that they are open to the public, with reasonable green fees and easy booking.

So, grab your clubs and read about our top 6 choices.

Camping in San Francisco

Camping in San Francisco

What could be better camping than putting up your tent across from the Golden Gate Bridge? Or enjoying a scenic view of the Bay as you cook on your campfire?

Not much, is what we say! We have some great campsite recommendations as well as an important tip… these sites are in great demand, so be sure to make your reservation early! We'll show you how to do it.

Visit Treasure Island

Visit Treasure Island

Smack in the middle of the Bay, Treasure Island was created for the 1939 Golden Gate International Expo.

It's now known for its iconic vista of the Bay Bridge, for its flea market, for water activities, and for walking and biking. We'll tell you how to get there and what to do when you arrive.


Hike, Cycle & Segway on Angel Island

Angel Island

This is one of the biggest and certainly the prettiest islands in all of San Francisco Bay. Once a US immigration center and even a missile silo base, today Angel Island is a pleasant nature reserve and park only a ferry ride away from the San Francisco piers.

Spend a day on Angel Island hiking, cycling, visiting the immigration center museum, and lunching at the attractive cafe. We'll tell you how.

The Best Free SF Walking Tours

Free SF Walking Tours

What could be better than free? There are two organizations in San Francisco that conduct free walking tours in many of the city's neighborhoods — and around many themes, like the Wild West Era in the city.

If you feel so inclined, they gladly take donations after the tours to help pay expenses and create new tours, but payment is optional. We'll tell you more.

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