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Our goal is to help you have the best trip ever… and the easiest planning experience. We're full of good ideas of what to see, where to go, what to do, but there are a few insiders tips that don't really fit into any category.

Like, for instance, the 10 best places to shop at Union Square. Or the amazing reasons to visit the San Francisco Zoo. Or, what to do with kids in San Francisco. If you're looking for answers, you're in the right place! Let's start with one of the geographical features that distinguishes the city – the hills.

The 7 Hills of San Francisco

The 7 Hills of San Francisco

Rome isn't the only city famous for hills. While San Francisco official has fifty or more hills, there are seven of them that top the list. (Pun intended!) Discover the seven hills of San Francisco — Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Rincon Hill, Twin Peaks, Russian Hill, Lone Mountain, and the highest, Mount Davidson.

10 Great Places to Shop at Union Square

10 Great Places to Shop at Union Square

For us, San Francisco is all about food, wine, bay cruises, great views…and shopping!

The best shopping in the city is right in the center, at Union Square. All the best names in retail are here, many of them high-end and luxury oriented. Think Nordstroms, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks.

We share the best places to shop at Union Square,as well as a nearby hidden lane that oozes shopping charm.


The Top San Francisco Movies

Dirty Harry

We know the city is scenic, right? Well, a lot of Hollywood directors have thought so as well, given then number of movies that have been shot in San Francisco. Dirty Harry, of course, but also Harold and Maude, Mrs Doubtfire, even Star Trek and The Princess Diaries, for gosh sake!

Here are our top picks of the movies shot in the City by the Bay.

10 Great Things To Do With Kids In San Francisco

Things To Do With Kids

You might think of SF as an adult-oriented city. But, think again!

There are so many kid-friendly (and kid-fun) things to do in San Francisco that we had a hard time keeping our list down to ten! And, by the way, most of these ideas are just as much fun for parents. Stop-motion animation workshop, anyone?

The 10 Best Parks in San Francisco

10 Best Parks in San Francisco

You know about Golden Gate Park and the Presidio, so we're not going to talk about them.

Discover instead the parks that locals love and use. From large to the size of a small delivery van, including off-the-beaten parks that only insiders know about.

Ever hear about Pug Sundays at Alta Plaza Park?


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7 Hidden Rooftop Gardens

7 Hidden Rooftop Gardens

Hidden rooftops gardens with magnificent views are just another thing that puts San Francisco into the best city in the world category. We've discovered seven great terraces, gardens, and parks that are open to the public, but you have to know how to find them.

Don't worry, though — we'll share our secrets with you!

4 Things to Know About The Bay Bridge Light Show

The Bay Bridge Light Show

The Bay Bridge is once again all aglow with a twinkling light show installed. In fact, people are calling it The Eiffel Tower of San Francisco".

It is a truly impressive art/light installation — 25,000 lights, 1.8 miles long, 500 feet high. We'll tell you all about the background and future of the project, and the bridge itself.

10 Great San Francisco Film Festivals

San Francisco Film Festivals

San Francisco is a film-loving city, and that's made very clear by the sheer number of great film festivals held every year.

It was easy to pick 10 great film festivals. There's DocFest, Jewish Film Festival, American Indian Film Festival…San Francisco is definitely a independent film fan's paradise.

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