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Food Glorious Food! San Francisco has long been an irresistible magnet for those with an undeniable food fetish. Fabulous world-renowned virtuoso chefs, Michelin-starred restaurants, and insanely fresh ingredients have created a dedicated dining culture that is to die for. Having seemingly birthed every major food trend sweeping the planet, San Francisco boasts the most restaurants per capita in North America.

So, pack an appetite when you come, strap on some comfortable clothes, bring every credit card you possess, and brace your taste buds for impact, as Michelin's San Francisco restaurant reviews plunge you into a tour of the foodie triumphs of the city's divine dining.


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Whetting Your Appetite At Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

Scandalously accused of being more for tourists than locals these days, Fisherman's Wharf may not be your typical foodiesque San Francisco dining experience. It remains, however, a quintessential introduction to San Francisco. Its long-time family owned restaurants reflect local history, and their typical seafood menus first put San Francisco on the map. Plus Fisherman's Wharf is a great spot for people watching.

Fisherman's Wharf's "Dungeness crab", whether historically correct or not, is surely a mandatory must-have on every visitor's San Francisco bucket list. Relax with a drink at the historic Gold Dust Bar & Piano Lounge, before strolling along to the iconic Sabella & LaTorre or maybe Alito's #8 for an indulgent seafood dinner and fabulous views across the bay.

Michelin Magic

Michelin Magic

Three stars is Michelin speak for "exception cuisine, worth a special journey." And, when it comes to Michelin ratings, our favorite city by our favorite bay lives up to its reputation for fine dining. Bold flavors, locally sourced ingredients, and dedicated dish design have created a cluster of truly wonderful Michelin-starred restaurants, justifying San Francisco as a food destination. Your eyes may water from sticker-shock; however, a Michelin restaurant is the perfect highlight of a gourmet trip to "The Paris of the West".

Last October, Michelin released its list of stars for 2017. At least until 2017, San Francisco now offers three Michelin three-star restaurants and the total rises to six if you include the greater Bay area. While the champagne buzz, tantrums and occasional tears may have faded the cuisine remains simply divine. Here are San Francisco's most pre-eminent fine-dining three-star Michelin restaurants for your gastronomic pleasure (click on the bolded name to check the restaurant's website) —

However, your Michelin choice doesn't stop at three-star restaurants. San Francisco offers a swath of two- and one-star Michelin restaurants in a dizzying galaxy of choice. Two Michelin stars indicate, "exceptional cuisine, worth a detour." So if you are in a mood for a sumptuous detour, why not check out any of these fabulous options —

If you prefer something a little more understated, one Michelin star translates as "a very good restaurant in its category. New one-star arrivals such as Hashiri, Mister Jiu's, Ju-ni, The Progress, and Mosu, Menlo Park's Madera, and San Jose's Adega all offer exception dining.


Hipster Supper Clubs

Hipster Supper Clubs

At the other end of the gastronomic spectrum are San Francisco's hipster supper clubs. No Michelin stars here; in their place are eclectic and ever-changing themed venues ranging from houseboats to period houses.

The small, secretive San Francisco's underground eating fraternity has taken their style to a whole new level. The dedication to fresh ingredients is every bit as passionate as their Michelin counterparts and the passion for all things culinary is undiminished. What sets these supper clubs apart is their off-the-grid performance art vibe, the accent on conversation, and the partnering of food with wine, entertainment and interesting company encountered along the way.

Here, then, are a few San Franciscounapologetically eclectic underground supper clubs , including one or two pop-ups that may be gone by the time your read this! —

  • Eats By E
  • I Forgot Its Wednesday
  • Ma's
  • Naked Kitchen
  • The Clandestine Dinner series
  • Wild Kitchen

From its secretive, underground origins, where a password got you in and exclusivity was a byword, today San Francisco's supper clubs have largely succumbed to their inner hipster tech geek, making them easier to track down and placing that elusive ticket just a click away thanks to their online booking system.


Food Trucks

Yes, dining in San Francisco extends even to the humble food truck. Today, gourmet food trucks straddle the spectrum of traditional, ethnic (Burmese anyone), and fusion style cuisine. Creative food at reasonable prices, what's not to love?

Food Festivals

Festivals are a fabulous way of experiencing San Francisco's food culture. Dine and dancing the night away, chilling out over oysters, indulge in seductive chocolate treats, or spice up your life with mouth-tingly bites, San Francisco has a festival for every taste. Here are three to consider —

Food Tours

Food Tours

One of the more immersive ways to experience San Francisco's food culture is to hop on one of the great food tours on offer. You can sample a wide variety of dishes, go behind the scenes for a sneak view of how so much brilliant food comes together, and learn a little about the chefs who make San Francisco such a foodie destination. Here are a few popular food tours to whet your appetite —

The Last Word

San Francisco's dining scene is vibrant and restless. Always experimenting, its chefs are passionately committed to fresh produce, bold flavors, and immersive dining experiences. From America's most expensive Michelin-starred restaurant to the picturesque Fisherman's Wharf, through to underground supper clubs and gourmet food trucks, a trip to this food city brings you unexpected gourmet delights at every turn. Whether you are a dedicated gourmand or an unabashed foodie, San Francisco offers a feast of experiences that will stay with you forever.

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