Travel Essentials To Get You Ready For San Francisco

Before you hop on the ferry to Alcatraz (don't worry, you'll be coming back!) there are a few essential things you need to know about San Francisco — insider tips and details of how to get around and what to look for. And that's what these articles are all about. Let's get started with a few basic facts —


Airport Transfers – How to Get into Town from SFO

Airport Transfers

Air travel, as we all know, can be tiring business. That's one reason why we like to know what's going to happen when we land. After being stuck in a stuffy airplane for hours, we look for a little comfort, a little TLC. Because, even after you touch down, your travelling isn't over yet — you still have to get into downtown San Francisco (or North Beach, or Union Square, or the Castro…)

To help you make your visit to SF your best vacation ever, we've put together a comprehensive article on the best ways to get you into the city in comfort.

Travelers Guide To San Francisco's Airport

San Francisco's Airport

Although it's one of the busiest airports in the world, SFO is also one of the most comfortable and convenient, and that's only going to get better after the $2.4 billion dollar renovation project that's going on right now. We'll tell you what to expect at the airport, how to travel to and from SFO, where you can fly to, and a bit about the airfield's interesting history.

San Francisco Public Transportation

San Francisco Public Transportation

San Francisco happens to have one of the better urban transportation systems in the country. BART — Bay Area Rapid Transit — travels rapidly (naturally!) between the cities in the region, and includes a handful os stops in the parts of San Francisco that visitors prefer.

MUNI, though, operates the buses, trolleys, and even cable cars within the 49 square miles of the San Francisco city limits. It's the best way to get from attraction to attraction, from point to point, with the possible exception of walking. In our guide we'll tell you all about the San Francisco public transportation systems and how to ride them.

Map Of San Francisco

Map Of San Francisco

San Francisco is famously on a peninsula seven by seven miles in size — forty-nine square miles in area. Yet, for its size, it contains more varied neighborhoods than cities many times larger. While you might not visit them all, it's good to know where the neighborhoods are and what's to be found there.

In our guide we'll help you get familiar with SF on a map, we'll tell you about the most important neighborhoods, and we'll share our top choices in san Francisco city maps.


San Francisco Weather

SF Weather

It's a city by a bay and by the Pacific Ocean, so it's probably not going to come as a surprise that there's a good chance of rains and a very good chance of fog. What may come as a surprise is that summer is often the coldest, wettest season.

But, listen, we love it in any weather. There's a certain majesty to the fog and even the rain is just a part of the cityscape. Learn what wether to expect when you're there, what to pack, and we'll even share our fave times of the year to be in San Francisco.

San Francisco Information for Travelers

Information for Visitors

Should you pack an umbrella or a bikini? What's the best way to get around in Sna Francisco? There are certain things you're going to want to know before you head out west to the Golden Gate. We'll tell you about the population of the city, how it's laid out, what weather to expect, and all about the transportation system. Here's what you need to know before you go.


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Discover the San Francisco Ferries

San Francisco Ferries

Back in the 1930s, fifty million passengers a year rode the San Francisco ferries to and from points across the bay. With the construction the the tow bridge ferry traffic all but disappeared. But today, with faster & more comfortable ferries, there are more boats on the water ferrying people to islands and towns near San Francisco.

Let's take a look at how to visit Alcatraz, Angel Island, and a couple of cute seaside villages just across the bay.

San Francisco Parking Information For Visitors

San Francisco Parking Information

If you're going to have a car in San Francisco you're going to need to park it once in a while. Parking in this city can be a pain, there's no doubt about it. Although we'd encourage you to think twice about the need for a car when you come here, we have collected the parking information you will need, including a nice SF parking app and a few rules you want to keep in mind.

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