San Francisco Hostels – The Three Top Choices

Are you ready to embrace a new, perhaps freer lifestyle? If so, you could be rewarded with a very cheap sleep option in San Francisco. Hostels aren't just for the under-25 set; they're now the stomping ground of a new free-thinking group of all ages who appreciate low-cost accommodation (think less that $100 per night) that combine safety, comfort, and location.

Okay, let's sharpen our pencils and drill down to some seriously cheap sleeps in the city. San Francisco hostels will test your ability to stay at the most basic accommodation, but you might be surprised. You may discover that saving money and embracing a new lifestyle can be fun.


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USA Hostels San Francisco

USA Hostels San Francisco

There's a lot to love about this popular hostel. One is the location close to Union Square and Chinatown. The other is the 4-person limit on dorm rooms. Each bed has a Privacy Pod, with an individual reading light and shelf with an outlet for your electronics. There are nice hippie touches like a yoga room, shared kitchen, lounge, and even foosball and billiards. We do like that the laundry room is free of charge.

Like most hostels, breakfast is free and includes hearty choices like bagels, oatmeal and pancakes. Heck, there's even a daily maid service. Downside? Small elevator (we can live with that). Russian guest Alexandra complained about drunken students. Perhaps his comrades? Free WIFI, free luggage storage, and privacy pods. Bottom line — The positives outweigh the negatives. Guests love the clean, spacious sunny rooms, comfortable public spaces, friendly staff, and well equipped kitchen. There are two sister dorms in San Diego.

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Rating = Highly Rated Plus
• 711 Post Street
• Neighborhood — Union Square

Adelaide Hostel

Adelaide Hostel

Just two blocks off Union Square on the very memorable alley, Isadora Duncan (named for the famous San-Francisco-born dancer called the Mother of Modern Dance, famously strangled by her scarf in am open car in France), is this modern, very popular hostel. What do they offer? Dorm-style rooms and private rooms, free breakfast, and the option to make your own meals in their fully-equipped kitchens.

The quality amenities make sense when you learn that the hostel was once a European-style pensione. There's free WIFI (not even all SF luxury hotels offer that), but they also have several computers available free for your use. They're several washers and dryers, also for free. Yet another bonus is the reduced-price shuttle to the airport.

It's not just us who sing the praises of this San Francisco hostel, accolades range from Best Popular Hostel in San Francisco by Hostelworld to other travel guides like Lonely Planet and Let's Go USA who give them top marks. Another fun feature, especially if you're traveling solo, is their frequent social events like yoga classes, pub crawls, and our favorite, movie & popcorn night.

Here's a little insider secret about the Adelaide, it's not just for young backpackers and New Age hippies. It's equipped to handle families. Book the Private Family Suite and you'll have enough breathing space for a family of six with a private bathroom. Price tag? Less than $250 per night. Now, that's a San Francisco accommodation bargain. Oh, and there's no need to haul your sleeping bag with you, the Adelaide provides linens, pillows, and blankets.

Enough praise, let's dig deep and see if we can find some dirt (so to speak) on this popular San Francisco hostel. Guests universally say that this hostel is in one of the best neighborhoods when compared to other hostels. They rave about the super-friendly, helpful, and accommodating staff and the abundant free breakfast. One guest did complain about the noisy bathroom and chatting roommates. Duh, it's a hostel. Free WIFI, free luggage storage, free laundry

Rating = Highly Rated
• 5 Isadora Duncan Street
• Neighborhood — Union Square


Green Tortoise Hostel

Green Tortoise Hostel

It's a bit of a relief to get out of the downtown area and into one of our favorite neighborhoods of San Francisco, North Beach. We're not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing to be voted San Francisco's #1 Party Hostel!

Rooms range from a shared dorm to private room options, especially a good idea if you're traveling with friends. Each bunk has its own locker and padlock (they can be provided). The Green Tortoise offers plenty of freebies, like breakfast day, dinner three times a week, and free incoming calls on the guest line. Heck they even have their own adventure tours.

Let's see what guests are saying. They love the heaps of extras — breakfasts, some dinners, and the excellent WIFI. They also noted that cleaners were always busy at work, which is a good thing. Location is also highly rated, and the general vibe is that this is a "great hostel with good ambience and delicious free food!"

Rating = Highly Rated
• 494 Broadway Street
• Neighborhood — North Beach

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