The Best Of Napa Valley Lodging – B&Bs In Town And Country

Famous for its wines, of course, the Napa Valley is also a place of serene beauty. Bracketed by hills, the valley runs from the city of Napa in the south to Calistoga in the north. Along that short 29-mile stretch (traversed by Highway 29) are misty vales, some of the best vineyards in the world, and some attractive Napa Valley lodging.

Most of valley is an agriculture reserve, and rightly so. Consequently, real estate is relatively expensive and the same is true for Napa Valley lodging. But, after vigorously polishing our magic lamp and consulting our travel genie (also by using our extensive personal knowledge of Napa and researching tons of guest reviews and comments!), we're able to present to you our lists of the very best places to stay in Napa Valley — and some of them are surprisingly affordable… relatively.

Luxury Napa Bed And Breakfast Inns

Luxury Napa Bed And Breakfast Inns

With great wines, amazing food, and stunning scenery, Napa Valley is the perfect place for you to relax in a charming bed and breakfast inn. And we love the deluxe ambience of the five luxury bed and breakfast inns we discovered in Yountville, St Helena, and Calistoga

Yountville is an uber-charming village that just happens to be home to some of the greatest restaurants in the country. Both Calistoga and St Helena hark back to another era of small-town America… but this version includes great wine and food. All of our top luxury choices exude that same type of nearly-forgotten charm.

Napa Valley Bed And Breakfast Under $200

Napa Valley Bed And Breakfast

Luxury in the Napa Valley comes with a price tag, but we've found that it's still possible to live the wine lifestyle and save some money. Our mission, then, was to uncover Napa B&Bs that give you charm and comfort while starting at under $200 per night.

We've succeeded admirably — if we do say so ourselves! These four Napa Valley lodgings settle you comfortably in Wine Country living while saving you money that you can spend on more wine!

The Best B&BS in the City of Napa

The Best B&BS in the City of Napa

The City of Napa, at the southern end of the valley, is the gateway to the Wine Country. It's where most Napa Valley lodging is located and where you are most likely to find a bed and breakfast that suits your tastes (if only because there are more of them).

We've whittled down this selection to the top five bed and breakfasts in the city, all within a few minute's drive to the wineries and vineyards that made the valley famous. Each of these inns has great reviews and is rated by us as Superb. One is so good that we gave it out top rating of Superb Plus!

Budget Bed And Breakfast Inns In The City of Napa

Budget Napa Valley Bed And Breakfast Inns

The average hotel price in the city of Napa is something like $400. Don't worry, though, we overworked our travel genie (oh, how he loves a vigorous polishing!) to seek out B&Bs in the the city of Napa that start in the lower $200 range.

Rooms may be a little smaller, but these four budget B&Bs still have plenty of charm. Being in the city also gives you easy access to the wine bar and restaurant scene of Napa. Of course, you're still only a few minutes drive from the the glories of Wine Country vineyards.

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