This Is Where We Reveal Our Top Napa Valley Hotels

The Wine Country, just an hour or so north of San Francisco, is an amazing and pleasing place to experience. And we want your hotel there to be just as amazing. So, to help make that happen, we've consulted our Hotel Ouija board — and also called on our experience in Napa, as well as reading tons of guest reviews — to select the very best Napa Vally hotels.

Not only are these resorts and Napa Valley hotels the best in the region, they are also among the best hotels in the country. Our criteria are quite strict. Not only have these hotels had to meet our standards for service, comfort, and Wine Country luxury, they also must have received extremely high guest reviews, to allow us to peg them at Highly Rated, Superb, or even Superb Plus, our top rating.

The Top 5 Napa Valley Resorts

Napa Valley Resorts

It all started with Meadowood, the Napa Valley's first resort (and our first resort there). Meadowood is still going strong and still receive our highest rating, but over the years it's been joined by newer resorts equally comfortable and also highly rated.

The resorts offer room, suites, even private cottages. There are pools, daily wine tastings, spa services, and great breakfasts. Find out more in our reviews.

10 Best Napa Valley Hotels

10 Best Napa Valley Hotels

With so many wonderful hotel experiences, it was hard to choose the top 10 Napa Valley Hotels. (In fact, you'll see below that we simply couldn't make ourselves stop at ten!) Where else, we ask you, could you find ten hotels grouped so closely together (the valley is not much more than 20 miles long) that are rated Superb, or even Superb Plus, our highest ratings?

We're going to kick things off with Auberge du Soleil, a longtime favorite or ours set in 33 acres on Rutherford Hill. But, really, it would be hard to choose between that and the Hotel Yountville… or the Bardessono Hotel… or the Vintage Inn… or…

More Great Napa Valley Accommodations

Great Napa Valley Accommodations

How can there be two "best hotels" lists? Well, probably only in the Napa Valley. We couldn't leave our these five amazing accommodations, not when they also receive our highest overall recommendations.

This list will take you up and down both Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail to small towns and to a 150-acre resort. Each one is unique, yet each offers superior service, great rooms, wonderful dining options, and an unforgettable experience.

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