Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco – Film Deco Chic

Since 1924 this elegant luxury hotel has perched atop Nob Hill overlooking Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park. Originally called simply Huntington Hotel, it reopened to great acclaim as the Scarlet Huntington after a massive renovation and upgrade in 2014. Today, the hotel bridges between its glorious past and moderne stylish chic.

Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco

With city skyline views, a luxury spa, and a great bar and restaurant, this newly-renovated San Francisco landmark feels more like a luxury private residence than a hotel. "Feels like a 1930s movie set," one reviewer gushed. "Nearly perfect," added a recent guest. We agree — in fact the Scarlet Huntington is one of our own most highly recommended hotels in a city full of great hotels.

What You Can Expect at The Scarlet Huntington

The lobby, redecorated in a sort of film deco style, is human scale when compared to its Nob Hill neighbors, such as the Mark Hopkins Hotel. But the guest rooms are spacious and elegantly appointed with a mix of great fabrics and bedding, antique-influenced furniture, and delicious modern pieces in yellows, purples and, of course, scarlet.

Located off the lobby, the Big 4 Restaurant is always recognized as one of the top 20 restaurants in San Francisco. If you're wondering, the Big 4 is named after the four most famous 19th-century railroad tycoons — Huntington, Crocker, Stanford, and Hopkins. The renovated restaurant and bar are decorated in a traditional club bar style, with luscious green leather and deep red wood.

Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco
Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco Scarlet Huntington Hotel San Francisco

The equally-pleasing Nob Hill Spa, located in the hotel, is also recognized as one of the best hotel spas in the country. If you're in need of a relaxing pick-me-up, opt for the Seaweed Leaf Body Ritual. If you're in the mood for a more Asian experience, try ScenTao, which includes a hot stone massage. These (and many other) 80-minute treatments are by themselves worth a trip to the hotel.

The Scarlet Huntington doesn't simple rest on its design, bar and spa laurels, there's always something new. Hotel specials often include preferred rates on suites and packages that combine spa treatments.

Scarlet Huntington Hotel

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Our Rating: Superb
• 1075 California Street
• Neighborhood — Nob Hill

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