The Golden Gate Bridge – The Glorious Symbol of San Francisco

Of course you know that the Golden Gate Bridge the gateway to fascinating places in northern California — including Wine Country — but we thought knowing a bit about its history and fascinating facts would make the crossing even more of an experience.

In addition there are some fun activities — that include a trip across the bridge, or that take place around the bridge — we want to tell you about. Like always, though, we present only our top picks!


Golden Gate Bridge Tours

Golden Gate Bridge Tours

Make a special visit to this special bridge by joining a tour that arranges all the details for you. Take a boat, a seaplane, a helicopter, a mountain bike or — our favorite — a bright red vintage firetruck – across, over, or under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.

In all of these activities you learn a lot about the world's most loved bridge. How about this idea — a sunset cruise that puts you right under the bridge as evening descends on the City By The Bay. Read our reviews and recommendations to discover our fave tour options.

Golden Gate Attractions

Golden Gate Attractions

The Golden Gate Bridge is not all alone out there in the western end of San Francisco. Around and nearby it are a number of places worth exploring.

For instance, neighboring the bridge is the Presidio, the former military base that has been transformed into a glorious urban National Park. Speaking of parks, we love the massive (over 3 miles long) Golden Gate Park where you find the California Academy of Sciences, the Japanese Tea Garden, and much more.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Bridge Facts

600,000 rivets, 80,000 miles of cable 10,000 gallons of paint., These are just a few of the amazing facts and figures about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Before you venture across it, learn interesting trivia about the most-loved bridge in the world. Did you know that hard hats were created for the bridge construction? Neither did we!


History of the Golden Gate Bridge


It was one man's dream. It took 16 years of planning, was 4 years and 4 months in the making, and was at first mocked by its critics.

For something that seems such a solid symbol of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge has a surprising history. Men lost their lives and others made millions in the creation of one of the most powerful San Francisco attractions.

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